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The Palace


Where the Queen, the head of the maid, and the head of the butler residence.

The capital, the heart of The Maerchen Kingdom.


Area : 0.004 ac.

Moon State


The first space-district of the Maerchen Kingdom.
near the 'Sea of Nectar,' so everyone can drink and have fun with each other.

Area : 1 ac.

Astro state


The state out of the solar system.

At present, 2024-03-19, the star on Virgo,

RA 13h09m33.002 -22°29'22.71'' dec 13.64

is it.

Area : The-Star-Much ac

Wasteland of the Liveruli


The Goddess of the Liveruli made promise with Mytyl Maerchen: to become one of the liveruli and to receive the Wasteland of the Liveruli.

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